Most Requested Services

Wellness Exams

Pets need an wellness examination at least once a year.

Bi-annual physical examinations are recommended for middle aged and senior pets.

Often, we can detect disease and illness early and start treatment for best outcome.

Diagnostic Labs

Pets of all ages need diagnostic services.

Your new puppy or kitten may need a fecal test, or your senior pet may benefit from a senior comprehensive panel.

We provide in-hospital laboratory tests, radiographs, and ultrasounds, plus have direct access to additional respected veterinary diagnostic labs.


Our hospital is equipped to perform surgeries for dogs and cats.

The surgeries we perform include spays, neuters, soft tissue injuries, mass removals, dental cleanings, extractions, abscess surgeries, abdominal surgery, cesarean sections, and wound repairs.

Dental Cleaning

We have a full exam & cleaning package for your pet.

Our service includes a pre-anesthetic exam, IV Catheter & IV Fluids, Analgesic Injection, 30 minutes of Gas Anesthesia, Dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing.

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Complete List of Services

Blood Transfusions
Day Care
Dental Care
Hospice and Euthanasia Services
Pain Management
Parasite Prevention and Control
Prophylactic Gastropexy
Puppy and Kitten Care
Senior Care
Soft Tissue Surgery
Wellness Exams

Young female veterinary taking care of a beautiful labrador dog

Veterinary Clinic Surgery

Veterinary clinic. Cute cat during examination by a veterinarian.